The Inspiring Story of Justine Siegemund

Justine Siegemund challenged patriarchal attitudes in the 17th century.

Justine Siegemund holds the distinction of being the pioneer in Germany to pen down an obstetrics book from a female standpoint.

The Court Midwife, her book, was certified as an official medical textbook by the European University Viadrina Frankfurt on this day in 1690.

Justine Siegemund was born in 1636 and was inspired to become a midwife herself after a frustrating experience with ill-informed midwives.

Justine Siegemund gained recognition for providing free services to women who were underprivileged and became well-known for her skill in safely assisting women through challenging childbirths.

In 1683, Justine Siegemund assumed the position of City Midwife of Lignitz and subsequently became the Court Midwife in Berlin, where she oversaw the delivery of children for the royal family.

The Court Midwife was the first to offer a comprehensive guide on childbirth in Germany, setting the foundation for modern childbirth education.