The Legacy of Justine Siegemund: Paving the Way for Safe Childbirth Practices

Justine Siegemund: Google Doodle today is dedicated to Justine Siegemund, a revolutionary figure in the field of midwifery. The Doodle is visible in America, the UK, Germany, Iceland, and Greece, commemorating her groundbreaking contribution to the industry.

The Legacy of Justine Siegemund
The Legacy of Justine Siegemund

In this article, we will delve deeper into who Justine Siegemund was, and why her achievements are still celebrated today.

Who is Justine Siegemund?

Justine Siegemund’s path as a midwife commenced in Rohnstock, Lower Silesia, in 1636. Her own misdiagnosed prolapsed uterus which was mistakenly identified as pregnancy by uninformed midwives. Served as a motivating factor for her to improve the field of obstetrics.

This experience inspired her to become a midwife herself, aiming to improve obstetrical education.

After completing her apprenticeship, she began her career by offering free services to underprivileged women.

Due to her ability to safely guide women through difficult births. She soon became well-known, and word of her services spread across the country.

Her Achievements

Siegemund’s dedication to improving maternal and infant health in Germany was a defining moment for midwifery.

During a time when few women had access to formal education; she became the first person in Germany to write a book on obstetrics from a woman’s perspective.

She published her famous book, Within The “Court Midwife“; readers can find a comprehensive guide on obstetric techniques in midwifery, as well as testimonials from former patients who speak to the skill and care of Justine Siegemund.

The book also features a brief autobiography from the author, adding a personal touch to her groundbreaking work.

Siegemund’s Role in Advancing Midwifery

Justine Siegemund’s role in advancing midwifery cannot be understated.

In a time when the majority of obstetrical texts were authored by men, Justine Siegemund emerged as a prominent figure in the field of midwifery. Serving as a spokesperson for the art and bringing a unique perspective as a woman and experienced midwife.

Justine Siegemund’s prominence as a writer, midwife, and advocate for professionalism granted her a status that was virtually unprecedented for women in 17th century Germany.

Her enduring legacy continues to serve as an inspiration for physicians today; as they strive to improve the safety and well-being of mothers and their infants during labor and delivery.

The valuable lessons she imparted through her work have stood the test of time and remain a testament to her pioneering spirit and unwavering commitment to advancing the field of midwifery.


Justine Siegemund’s contributions to the field of midwifery were groundbreaking, and her legacy continues to be celebrated today. By daring to challenge patriarchal attitudes in the 17th century, she paved the way for women to take up midwifery as a profession.

Today’s Google Doodle is a reminder of her pioneering work and the importance of recognizing and honoring women who have made significant contributions to their fields.

Summery Key points to take from this article!

Justine Siegemund challenged patriarchal attitudes in the 17th century.
Justine Siegemund holds the distinction of being the pioneer in Germany to pen down an obstetrics book from a female standpoint.
The Court Midwife, her book, was certified as an official medical textbook by the European University Viadrina Frankfurt on this day in 1690.
Justine Siegemund was born in 1636 and was inspired to become a midwife herself after a frustrating experience with ill-informed midwives.
Justine Siegemund gained recognition for providing free services to women who were underprivileged and became well-known for her skill in safely assisting women through challenging childbirths.
In 1683, Justine Siegemund assumed the position of City Midwife of Lignitz and subsequently became the Court Midwife in Berlin, where she oversaw the delivery of children for the royal family.
The Court Midwife was the first to offer a comprehensive guide on childbirth in Germany, setting the foundation for modern childbirth education.
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