RCB’s Top 5 Top Batsmen of All Time in IPL: A Closer Look

Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) may not have won an IPL title yet, but they have certainly provided some of the most exciting batting performances in the league. From AB de Villiers to Chris Gayle, the franchise has had a star-studded lineup over the years. In this article, we take a closer look at RCB’s top 5 greatest batsmen of all time in IPL.

AB de Villiers – The Magician

AB de Villiers needs no introduction when it comes to T20 cricket. The former South Africa captain is one of the greatest T20 batsmen of all time and has been an integral part of the RCB lineup since joining the team in 2011. In 145 innings, he scored 4,491 runs at an average of 39.71 and a strike rate of 151.69. He was consistent and scored much faster than his peers, making him a standout batter in the RCB lineup.

Glenn Maxwell – The Surprising Entry

Australian all-rounder Glenn Maxwell may come as a surprise to some on this list, but his performances in the past two seasons have been noteworthy. He has scored 814 runs in 27 innings at an average of 35.39 and a strike rate of 152.43. These numbers are even more impressive when you consider that he played only half a season in the UAE and three games at Chepauk in 2021. Maxwell has already broken into the franchise’s top 10 run-getters of all time, ranking 7th.

Virat Kohli – The Highest Run-Getter

Virat Kohli needs no introduction either. He is the franchise’s highest run-getter of all time by a comfortable margin. In 215 innings, he scored 6,624 runs at an average of 36.20 and a strike rate of 129.15. He may not be as innovative as AB or as destructive as Gayle, but he played an important role in the RCB lineup. Kohli played the anchor role with sheer consistency and could decimate the opponent if the situation demanded it. His best season was in IPL 2016, where he amassed 973 runs and led the team to the final.

Chris Gayle – The Universe Boss

Chris Gayle is synonymous with T20 cricket. His destructive batting at the top of the order was a trendsetter for the years to come. In 84 innings, he scored 3,163 runs at an average of 39.72 and a strike rate of 152.73 for RCB. He holds the record for the highest individual T20 score of 175*, which he scored against Pune Warriors in the 2013 edition. Gayle’s peak was massive, and he is considered one of the greatest T20 batsmen of all time.

Ross Taylor – The Underrated Performer

Former New Zealand batter Ross Taylor may not be talked about as much as some of his contemporaries, but he definitely left an impact during his brief stay at RCB. In 20 innings, he scored 517 runs at an average of 30.41 and a strike rate of 142.03. He was a runaway match-winner in the middle order, often rescuing the team from difficult scenarios. He played fancy shots in the pre-de Villiers days and was a star overseas batter for RCB.


These are RCB’s top 5 greatest batsmen of all time in IPL. While the franchise may not have won a title yet, they have certainly provided some of the most exciting batting performances in the league. With the likes of de Villiers, Maxwell, Kohli.

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