How to Get My AI on Snapchat? [Latest – 2023]

AI on Snapchat –  the most popular and widely used social media platform that fuels the never-ending creativity and connection of its users. The world is heading to get integrated with popular technologies. Likewise, being the most popular, Snapchat has the ability to get integrated with emerging applications and technologies. Likewise, The most interesting and captivating technology right now is AI (Artificial Intelligence). Snapchat features a “Snap Kit” that enables developers to weave their AI technology into it.

AI on Snapchat
AI on Snapchat

However, if you are wondering why it’s not working or if Snapchat even has AI? Don’t make long faces because we are here to have your back. In this article, you can find your answer to the question “why you can’t add your AI on Snapchat” and “how to do it”.

Let’s begin with the first question with which every user is struggling.

Why Can’t I Add My AI on Snapchat?

We are aware, that you have been keep asking yourself this question. Well! The answer is quite simple. Being a common being, we consider Snapchat as the less complex platform but in actuality, it is a complex one. Developers have undergone a long and rigorous process to integrate with AI. As mentioned above, the Snap Kit feature allows the integration of apps and technologies into its ecosystem. To access it, the application for a Snap Kit developer account is mandatory for developers to achieve this.

Why Don’t I Have Snapchat AI?

This is the second most common question you must be asking yourself. You need to read this, the fact that Snapchat AI is not a thing that is readily available for common users. This can be accessible by developers only who have created and successfully integrated AI technology with Snapchat. Long story short, you are required to develop it and submit your application for a Snap Kit Developer account.

What if, you have tried but can’t find Snapchat AI? Not finding any relevant information regarding the same is a dime a dozen. You need to understand that there is no direct reference available still to Snapchat AI. This is an integration feature that requires AI capabilities for developers. Along with this, they can take advantage of AI-powered experience within Snapchat and keep them engaged.

How to Get Your AI on Snapchat?

Here’s a step-by-step guide for you that will help:

  • Step 1: Comprehend Snap Kit

Before starting the process, first, understand what Snap Kit is all about and how to integrate it. For this, you need to familiarize yourself with the developer’s tools and resources that Snapchat contained to leverage them correctly.

  • Step 2: Develop Your AI

Develop or use the existing AI model that is aligned with Snapchat guidelines. It is tested and validated. But remember, it is essential to serve a purpose.

  • Step 3: Apply for a Snap Kit Developer Account

For this, reach out to the Snap Kit website. Submit an overview of the project and agree with the terms and conditions laid.

  • Step 4: Build Your AI Integration

When you get your account in hand, build your AI integration with developer tools, documentation, and sample codes.

  • Step 5: Test and Debug

Now, try and test your AI integration to make sure that everything works well within Snapchat. Even, determine potential bugs and issues with Snapchat testing tools and emulators. 

  • Step 6: Submit for Review

Next, Summit your AI integration for review and wait until you receive approval for it.

  • Step 7: Launch Your AI Integration

Wait is over, it’s time to go live and launch the AI integration. You can even promote it on other social media platforms to captivate interest.

  • Step 8: Monitor and Improve

With its successful integration, it’s equally important to keep an eye on its performance matrix.


Integration of AI on Snapchat takes the user’s experience to the next level. You can understand how Snap Kit worked, and develop a reliable model yourself by following the process noted in this article. With this, get to know how to integrate AI on Snapchat. Whereas, it’s equally important to hold patience throughout the process as it can be time-consuming. Lastly, the weight is worth it, as it has endless potential for growth or success.

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