Why Can’t I Reply to Specific Messages on Instagram?

Instagram is popular among billions of people all over the world for its interesting features and upgrades. On one hand, these features are designed to enhance the user’s experience on the app. On the other hand, they might also end up creating confusion in the user’s mind. 

Messages on Instagram
Messages on Instagram

One such recent feature introduced by Instagram is replying to specific messages. Many people are unaware of it and many people can’t access or use it. In this article, we’ll tell you the possible reasons behind the issue and how to fix them. 

Reasons Why Can’t You Reply to a Specific Messages on Instagram

If you are also wondering “why can’t i reply to a specific message on instagram?” Then, here’s a list of reasons why this message issue might be occurring in your Instagram account. 

  • Older Version of Instagram: There might be chances of you using the older version of the app or you might have forgotten to upgrade it. New updates include new features, bug fixes and more which can only be accessible after you upgrade the app. 
  • Region Specifications: Instagram introduces several features in different regions at different times. There are many features which are not yet available in certain regions. So, there might be a chance that this feature has not been introduced yet in your region. 
  • Unstable Internet Connection: You might be facing issues with your internet connection which might delay your replies. 
  • Temporary glitch: There is a high chance that the issue is not with your connection but it’s with Instagram. Hence if you’re not able to reply to someone, the issue can be with Instagram. 
  • Corrupted Cache: There might be an issue with the app cache which might get corrupted and cause problems in accessing certain features. 

How to Fix Instagram DM Error?

As you can see above, you know the potential reasons of you can’t reply to a specific person on instagram. Now, let’s resolve this issue by trying these fixes.

Clear Instagram Cache

Clearing the cache can help in getting rid of data that might be interrupting the smooth functioning of the app. 

Internet Connection

Try to restart your device or restart your internet connection to make sure it’s active and stable. 

Upgrade the app

Visit the app store on your phone and navigate to Instagram. Select the upgrade tab if available. By upgrading the app, you can access new features introduced on it. 


In case the feature is still not available in your region, VPN can help you hide your location and use all features on the app regardless of tour location. 

Logout and Login Again

If it’s a temporary issue, it will get fixed automatically in a few hours or days. However, you can fix the issue by logging out and logging in again to your account.

Contact Help Desk

If none of the above solutions works, you can reach out to Instagram’s support team and report the issue as “Why can’t I reply to messages on instagram?”

Wrapping Up

To conclude, you might as well try the messenger app to reply to specific messages if you’re facing issues with the Instagram app. If the issue is still not resolved and you still can’t reply to messages on instagram.

The last option is to seek assistance from Instagram directly by visiting the help tab and registering your query. 

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