BCCI Ombudsman Reduces Former Rajasthan Royals Ultimate Spinner Ajit Chandila’s Ban to Seven Years Ahead of IPL 2023

In a recent development, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) ombudsman has reduced the ban on former Rajasthan Royals spinner Ajit Chandila to seven years. The decision comes ahead of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2023, where the ban would have been a major obstacle for his potential return to cricket.

Ajit Chandila
Ajit Chandila


Ajit Chandila was banned for life by the BCCI in 2013, along with two other Rajasthan Royals players, for their involvement in spot-fixing during the IPL that year. He was also arrested by the Delhi police for his alleged involvement in the case.

The Reduction of the Ban

The BCCI ombudsman has now reduced Chandila’s ban from a lifetime ban to seven years, allowing him the possibility of returning to cricket in 2023. This decision comes after Chandila filed a petition with the ombudsman requesting a reduction in his ban. The ombudsman’s decision takes into account Chandila’s appeal, the rehabilitation measures he has undergone, and the time he has already served under the ban.

Chandila’s Response

Chandila has welcomed the decision of the ombudsman and expressed his gratitude towards the BCCI. He has also thanked his supporters and well-wishers for standing by him during this difficult time.

Implications for IPL 2023

With the reduction in his ban, Chandila is now eligible to participate in the IPL 2023 if a franchise chooses to sign him. This opens up new opportunities for the former Rajasthan Royals spinner, who has been out of cricket for almost a decade.

ajit chandila
BCCI Ombudsman Reduces Former Rajasthan Royals Ultimate Spinner Ajit Chandila's Ban to Seven Years Ahead of IPL 2023


The BCCI ombudsman’s decision to reduce Ajit Chandila’s ban to seven years is a welcome relief for the former Rajasthan Royals spinner. It opens up new opportunities for him to return to cricket and make a fresh start. While the decision may not be welcomed by everyone, it is a reminder that the BCCI is committed to fair play and rehabilitation of players who have made mistakes in the past.

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