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Write for us
Write for us

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If you want to write as a guest blogger, then topicstalk.com is designed for you. At whatever point you need to submit your article. It would be ideal if you make sure your content is 100% high quality, excellent, extraordinary and easy to use. Try not to attempt to submit duplicate substance. Otherwise, your content and account both will be erased.

1. Everyone writer MUST have a profile with the following:

This profile must include a picture of yourself, First AND Last name, who you are (your qualifications for the articles you write).  You must also include a relevant picture or video with your article.  No article will be approved with out the information above.  This changes will go into effect starting 10/04/2023. 

You must also include a “Featured” picture (located to the right) or video with your article.  No article will be approved with out the information above.  

SEO – You may use 2 dofollow Links only

2. Choose a Category

We have many Categories to choose from.  Please select the best one for your article.  If you do not see one for your article, please Email us at contact@topicstalk.com.

3.  Keep These Articles Guidelines in Mind:

  • No less than 500 words for each article and try to Limit paragraphs to 70 words. 
  • Unique to its core and top-notch content
  • Write meaningful headers. Readers rely primarily on headers to navigate on-page content.
  • Pictures or Video need to incorporate the source
  • Author Biography (see above for format)
  • Fill in SEO phrase

4. High-Quality Content for Guest Blogging is required

Write for us aims to advance your business and achieve more clients. As you most likely are aware quality written substance makes all the difference. 

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How we will promote your guest post

Write for us is superficially made easy and we generally attempt to distribute your post as soon as possible. We are attempting to distribute your article within 24 hours. However, speaking off chance, it will require some time on the grounds that a large number of contributes are in line. At whatever point your article will be accepted you will receive an email. We will likewise promote your articles on twitter, google, Facebook, reddit, Instagram  and other social media organizations.