1. The UEFA Champions League Draw takes place twice a year - once before the start of the tournament and again before the knockout stages.

2. The teams are divided into four pots based on their UEFA coefficient ranking, with the higher-ranked teams in Pot 1.

3. Each group must contain one team from each pot, with the exception of groups that contain a team from Russia and Ukraine, who cannot be drawn in the same group due to political tensions.

4. The draw is conducted using a computer algorithm that ensures a fair distribution of teams across the groups.

5. The draw also determines which team will play their first match at home and which team will play away.

6. The team that finishes in first place in each group advances to the knockout stages, while the teams that finish in second place enter a playoff round.

7. The knockout stages consist of two-legged ties, with the team with the higher aggregate score advancing to the next round.

8. The final is a single match held at a neutral venue, which is determined by UEFA.

9. Real Madrid has won the most UEFA Champions League titles, with 13 to their name.

10. The UEFA Champions League trophy itself weighs 7.5 kg and is made of silver, standing at 73.5 cm tall.