15 Surprising Facts About

Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

1. Dr. Ambedkar was a prolific writer and authored several books, including "Annihilation of Caste" and "The Buddha and His Dhamma."

2. He was appointed as the first Indian Law Minister in the Executive Council of the Governor-General in 1947.

3. Dr. Ambedkar

was the first Indian to be appointed as a member of the Royal Commission on Labour in 1929.

4. Dr. Ambedkar

4. He founded the Independent Labour Party in 1936 to represent the interests of workers in India.

5. He was instrumental in the formation of the All India Scheduled Castes Federation in 1942.

6. Dr. Ambedkar

Was a strong supporter of a separate electorate for the Dalits in India.

7. Dr. Ambedkar's

 Contributions to economics include his work on the Theory of Rent, the Theory of Price, and the Indian Currency and Finance.

8. The Problem of the Rupee. 

He was awarded a Doctorate in Science by Columbia University for his thesis on "The Problem of the Rupee."

9. Dr. Ambedkar  

Was a champion of education and founded several educational institutions for Dalits in India.

 11. Columbia University

He was a recipient of the Columbia University Fellowship in the USA.

 12. Executive Council

Dr. Ambedkar was also a member of the Viceroy's Executive Council from 1942-1946.

13. Damodar Valley Corporation in India

Dr. Ambedkar's efforts led to the establishment of the Damodar Valley Corporation in India.

Dr. Ambedkar was a member of the Constituent Assembly that drafted the Constitution of India. He proposed the inclusion of a provision for a uniform civil code in the Constitution.

He was also the first Law Minister of Independent India and played a vital role in framing several important laws.