Now, let's dive into the 15 hidden and surprising facts about streaming services 

Netflix's First Original Content

Did you know that Netflix's first original content was not House of Cards or Orange is the New Black? It was actually a little-known political drama called "Lilyhammer," which premiered in 2012. 

The Most Binge-Watched Series 

Forget about "Stranger Things" and "Game of Thrones" for a moment. The most binge-watched series of all time is "The Office." Fans just can't get enough of Michael Scott and his hilarious antics. 

Disney+ and the Star Wars Universe 

Disney+ holds a hidden gem for Star Wars fans. The platform features an exclusive documentary series called "Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian," offering behind-the-scenes insights into the making of the beloved series. 

Quirky Netflix Categories 

Netflix has some truly bizarre and specific categories that you might not know about. Ever wanted to watch "Critically Acclaimed Visually Striking Films" or "Visually Striking Gory Movies"? Netflix has got you covered. 

The Rise of Hulu 

Did you know that Hulu is co-owned by Disney and Comcast? Initially launched as a joint venture between NBC Universal and News Corporation, Hulu has seen significant growth and now boasts a diverse catalog of popular shows and movies. 

Netflix's Secret Codes 

Unlock a treasure trove of hidden content on Netflix by using secret codes. By entering specific numeric codes into the Netflix search bar, you can explore niche genres and specialized categories that are not easily discoverable. 

YouTube's Streaming Service 

YouTube is not just a platform for user-generated content; it also has its own streaming service called YouTube TV. Subscribers can access live TV channels, sports events, and even record their favorite shows. 

Netflix's Intriguing Algorithm 

Netflix's recommendation algorithm is a well-guarded secret. However, it's fascinating to know that the company once offered a prize of $1 million to anyone who could improve its movie recommendation algorithm by 10%. 

Amazon Prime Video's Unexpected Hit 

While shows like "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" and "Fleabag" have gained widespread acclaim, Amazon Prime Video's most unexpected hit is the soothing fireplace video, "Fireplace for Your Home." It has become an annual holiday tradition for many subscribers. 

The First Streaming-Only Oscar 

In 2021, the film "My Octopus Teacher" became the first streaming-only documentary to win an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature. This marked a significant milestone for the recognition of streaming platforms in the film industry. 

Netflix's Temporary Downloads 

Did you know that you can download select Netflix shows and movies for offline viewing? It's a handy feature for travelers or those with limited internet access, allowing you to enjoy your favorite content anywhere, anytime. 

The "Skip Intro" Button 

Netflix introduced the "Skip Intro" button in 2017, saving viewers valuable time by automatically jumping past opening credits and theme songs. It's a small feature but one that has been appreciated by millions of binge-watchers. 

Disney+ and the Disney Vault 

Disney+ put an end to the famous Disney Vault concept, where classic films were periodically released for a limited time. With Disney+, subscribers now have access to a vast library of Disney movies, old and new, all year round. 

Netflix's High-Quality Streams 

Netflix offers different video quality options, including Ultra HD and HDR. However, did you know that streaming in the highest quality can use up to 7GB of data per hour? It's something to keep in mind if you have limited data caps. 

The Global Reach of Netflix 

Netflix is available in over 190 countries, but did you know that its content libraries differ across regions? Due to licensing agreements and regional restrictions, certain movies and shows might be available in one country but not in another.