Twitter May Soon Limit the Number of DMs Sent by Non-Blue Users

Twitter is reportedly planning to limit the number of direct messages (DMs) that non-blue users can send each day. The new limit is said to be 100 DMs per day, and it could be implemented as soon as next month.

Twitter DMs Sent by Non-Blue Users
Twitter DMs Sent by Non-Blue Users

The move is likely an attempt to curb spam and abuse on Twitter. Blue users, who are verified by Twitter, will not be affected by the new limit.

Twitter has not yet confirmed the new limit, but it has been reported by several reliable sources. If the limit is implemented, it could have a significant impact on how non-blue users use Twitter.

Why Twitter is Limiting DMs

There are a few reasons why Twitter may be limiting DMs. First, spam and abuse are major problems on Twitter. DMs are often used by spammers to send unsolicited messages to users. By limiting the number of DMs that non-blue users can send, Twitter hopes to reduce the amount of spam and abuse on the platform.

Second, Twitter is trying to encourage users to engage with each other in a more public way. DMs are often used for private conversations, which can lead to users feeling isolated from the rest of the Twitter community. By limiting DMs, Twitter hopes to encourage users to participate in more public conversations, which can help to build a stronger community.

How the Limit Will Affect Non-Blue Users

The new DM limit will have a significant impact on non-blue users. If non-blue users want to send more than 100 DMs per day, they will need to upgrade to a paid Twitter subscription. This could be a major financial burden for some users, and it could discourage them from using Twitter altogether.

The DM limit could also make it more difficult for non-blue users to build relationships with other users. DMs are often used to start conversations with new users, and by limiting the number of DMs that non-blue users can send, Twitter is making it more difficult for them to do this.


Twitter’s decision to limit DMs is a controversial one. Some users believe that the move is necessary to curb spam and abuse, while others believe that it is unfair to non-blue users. Only time will tell how the new limit will impact Twitter’s users and the platform as a whole.

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