Indian Premier League – IPL Points Table 2023

The Indian Premier League 2023 is administered by the BCCI. The 16th season of the Tata IPL 2023 season would consist of 74 matches, with all matches taking place throughout India’s 12 distinct stadiums. Check out the most recent IPL Points Table 2023 below.

1Gujarat Titans12840+0.76116
2Chennai Super Kings13750+0.38115
3Mumbai Indians12750-0.11714
4Lucknow Super Giants12650+0.30913
5Royal Challengers Bangalore12660+0.16612
6Rajasthan Royals13670+0.14012
7Kolkata Knight Riders13670-0.25612
8Punjab Kings12660-0.26812
9Sunrisers Hyderabad11470-0.4718
10Delhi Capitals12480-0.6868
IPL Points Table 2023 Points Table

IPL Points Table 2023
Indian Premier League - IPL Points Table 2023

IPL Points Table 2023 Rules

There are certain rules in IPL Points Table 2023. This season, there will be a total of 70 league-stage matches. If a team wins, it receives 2 points; if it loses, it receives 0 points. If there are no results, each team receives 1 point. If a match is tied, both teams play a Super Over, and the winner receives 2 points.

The guidelines for accumulating points in the points table 2023 are as follows

  1. With a victory, each team will receive two points.
  2. If the game is abandoned with a No Result, each team receives 1 point.
  3. If a team loses, they receive no points.
  4. If the game is tied, then each time will get One point

What is NRR in IPL Points Table?

Net run rate (NRR) is a statistical technique used to evaluate a cricket team and its performance. The points that each team earns are used to determine the IPL points table 2023. If two teams finish with the same number of points (NRR), then “Net Run Rate” is used to determine a team’s position in the IPL points table 2023.
The NRR of a team is calculated as the difference between its “number of runs scored by the team to the number of overs faced” and the “number of runs conceded by the team to the number of overs bowled” during the same tournament.

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