Introducing the New Rules of IPL 2023: Impact Player, Toss, and Broader DRS Ambit

Cricket enthusiasts have something to look forward to with the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) introducing new rules in the upcoming IPL 2023. These rules aim to add a new dimension to the game, making it more tactical and strategic than ever before. In this article, we will discuss the new rules and how they will impact the IPL matches.

Rules of IPL 2023
Introducing the New Rules of IPL 2023

New Toss Rules: Teams Exchange Post-Toss

One of the significant changes in IPL 2023 is how the teams exchange their players before the toss. Unlike the current rule, where the captains exchange their teams before the toss, teams will now exchange their players immediately post the toss.

This new rule will allow teams to choose the best 11 depending on whether they are batting or bowling first, which can impact the game’s outcome. Additionally, it will assist the teams in planning for the impact player.

Impact Player Rules: A New Tactical Dimension

IPL 2023 will introduce a new umpiring signal, where the umpires will raise and cross their arms to signify the introduction of the Impact Player. This new concept will add a new tactical and strategic dimension to the game, according to the BCCI.

Teams need to identify their playing XI and five substitutes at the time of the toss. Out of the substitutes named in the team sheet, only one player can be used as an Impact Player.

Both teams are allowed to use one Impact Player per match. However, it is not mandatory, and teams can choose not to use the Impact Player.

Replaced Player Can No Longer Play

It is important to note that a player who is replaced by an Impact Player (“Replaced Player”) can no longer take part in the remainder of the match and is also not permitted to return as a substitute fielder.

Additionally, if a player gets injured while fielding mid-over, the injured player can no longer take part in the match if the team introduces an Impact Player to replace him.

This new rule adds a new tactical dimension to the game, where teams need to strategize their player replacements to ensure they have the best team on the field.

Overseas Player Rule

As reported earlier, the Impact Player can only be an Indian player, unless there are less than four overseas players in the Playing XI.

An overseas player can be used as an Impact Player only in a situation where a team nominates less than four overseas players in the starting XI.

Only an overseas player who is part of the five substitutes named in the team sheet can be used as an Impact Player. If a team introduces an overseas player as an Impact Player in a match, in no circumstance can a fifth overseas player take the field.

Captain’s Notification

Only the captain can notify the on-field umpire or the fourth umpire, at the fall of the wicket or the batter retiring at any time during the over or at the innings break, about the introduction of the Impact Player.

After the introduction of the Impact Player in the game, a player can bat and may bowl a full allotment of 4 overs in an uninterrupted innings.

Broader DRS Ambit

  • Apart from the Impact Player and Toss Rules, IPL 2023 has also expanded the Decision Review System (DRS) ambit. The teams will now have three reviews per innings, and the third umpire can now check the no-balls, wides, and short-pitched balls.
  • This new rule will ensure that there are no controversial decisions, making the game fairer and more transparent.


IPL 2023 promises to be an exciting season, with new rules adding a new tactical and strategic dimension to the game

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