Google’s Bard and UNESCO Experts Urge: Including Women to Tackle AI Gender Bias

In a new report, Google’s Bard AI and UNESCO experts have called for the inclusion of women in the development of artificial intelligence (AI) to help reduce gender bias.

The report, titled “Women in AI: A Call to Action,” found that women are underrepresented in the AI workforce, making up only 26% of AI professionals worldwide. This lack of representation is leading to AI systems that are biased against women.

Google's Bard AI and UNESCO
Google’s Bard AI and UNESCO (Image: Google)

For example, one study found that facial recognition software is more likely to misidentify women than men. Another study found that AI systems used to make hiring decisions are more likely to recommend men for jobs than women.

Google’s Bard

The report’s authors argue that including more women in the development of AI will help to create more inclusive and equitable AI systems. They call for a number of measures to be taken, including:

  • Increasing the number of women in AI education and training programs
  • Creating more opportunities for women to work in AI research and development
  • Promoting gender diversity in AI leadership positions
  • Holding AI developers accountable for the bias in their systems

The report’s authors believe that by taking these steps, we can create a more inclusive and equitable future for AI.

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