Amazon Prime Lite New Annual Subscription Plan Tailored for Users

Amazon Prime Lite: Amazon India has launched a new annual subscription plan for its Prime service called Prime Lite. The program costs ₹999 per year, which is half the price of a regular Prime subscription. Prime Lite offers two-day deliveries and limited access to Prime Video, excluding Amazon Music, Amazon Gaming, and more.

Amazon Prime Lite
Amazon Prime Lite

The launch of Prime Lite is a way for Amazon to make its Prime service more accessible to a broader range of customers in India. The regular Prime subscription is ₹999 per year, which is a significant amount of money for many people in India. Prime Lite is a more affordable option that still offers some of the benefits of Prime, such as two-day deliveries and access to Prime Video.

Prime Lite is available for purchase now. To sign up, visit the Amazon India website and click the “Prime” tab. Then, select the “Prime Lite” plan and click on the “Subscribe” button.

Here are some of the key features of Amazon Prime Lite:

  • Two-day deliveries on eligible items
  • Limited access to Prime Video
  • Free shipping on eligible grocery orders
  • Early access to Lightning Deals
  • Exclusive deals and discounts

Here are some of the benefits that are not included in Prime Lite:

  • Amazon Music
  • Amazon Gaming
  • Prime Reading
  • Prime Photos
  • Prime Wardrobe
  • Amazon Second Chance

Overall, Prime Lite is a great option for people in India who want to try out Amazon Prime without having to commit to a full annual subscription. The plan offers good value for the price and includes some of the most popular benefits of Prime, such as two-day deliveries and access to Prime Video.

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