The 10 Best Programming Languages For AI Development

Artificial Intelligence is indeed changing the world in a lot of unexpected ways. Many individuals, especially those in the GenZ, struggle to perceive it since they believe AI has always been around. But, every algorithm has only recently come into existence, from personalized recommendations to sociable humanoid robots. These cases of artificial intelligence affect the entire globe. Businesses utilize AI to improve localized processes like production, operations, and customer experience. AI development is ideal with advantages like intelligent decision-making, minimal errors, automation, and data analytics.

AI Development
The 10 Best Programming Languages For AI Development

But which of the numerous widely used programming languages is better for developing artificial intelligence? Depending on the language you select, you’ll be able to:

  • Gain effectiveness in programming AI software.
  • Make optimum use of available Ai tools, libraries, and frameworks.
  • Get support from your community and the documentation.

Below are discussed the 10 most favorite programming languages for AI development in 2021.

1. Java

One of the best programming languages for developing AI is Java by Oracle. This language has developed to represent the most recent advances in science and technology. 4.7% of all websites utilize Java as their server-side programming language. 

Java can be used to create scalable AI applications. It simplifies complicated projects and is straightforward to use and debug in the development of AI. With it, you can increase user engagement by visualizing the data. Thanks to Java’s Virtual Machine Technology, programmers can design a single version of a program that can be executed on numerous Java-based platforms.

2. Python

Another on the list is Python, the programming language requiring the least amount of code. Python is a language with the largest global growth rate over the past five years, at 17.6%. Scipy, Numpy, and Pybrain are just a few of its prebuilt libraries for complicated computing that are amazing for AI development.

It is preferred by programmers from all around the world because it is an open-source language and hence very convenient. The best way to learn this language is to refer to forums and tutorials. As a result, Python is thought to be one of the greatest programming languages for developing AI.

3. JavaScript

Similar to Java, JavaScript is an excellent match for AI development. It empowers the production of dynamic and secure websites. Python is convenient for those who don’t mind coding while JavaScript is for those who do. 98% of websites utilize JavaScript as a client-side programming language as of 2022, out of the 1.8 billion websites in the world, demonstrating the language’s rising popularity.

With the use of source code, JavaScript can provide smooth communication and operate source codes such as HTML and CSS. Libraries like React.js, jQuery, and Underscore.js facilitate AI programming.

4. Prolog

Programming in Logic is also referred to as Prolog. In the form of rules, the language was devised in 1972. It is mostly used in computational linguistics and artificial intelligence applications. For applications requiring a database, natural language processing, and symbolic reasoning, Prolog is the best option. It is the appropriate linguistic support for artificial intelligence research.

5. R

R is a computer language that statisticians developed for statistical computing. Because it is simple to analyze huge data sets, R is a popular programming language for creating statistical software, conducting data analysis, and visualizing data. Programming languages whose focal point is machine learning applications prefer R at first hand. It helps in enhancing the usability of the data to a significant level as it has a variety of training models and evaluation strategies.

6. Scala

Code written in Scala is incredibly rapid, easy, and efficient. Scala libraries and resources are available in the Scaladex index, which helps programmers create high-caliber applications. Scala fosters Java Virtual Machine (JVM) ecosystem and lends a helping hand in the creation of intelligent applications. Pattern matching, quick functions, browser tools, and customizable interfaces are just a few of the features that Scala offers.  One of the best tools for creating AI, Scala has impressed those working in the AI field.

7. Haskell

Haskell is a terrific programming language you might want to attempt for constructing AI. Pure functionality and abstraction are two of its main traits, which offer the language a lot of versatility. The lack of support, however, might delay the development of AI. Although, Haskell’s memory management, type system, and code reuse capabilities are highly advantageous to developers.


LISP was used to express traditional AI programs like ELIZA, a well-known pioneer in natural language processing. The second-oldest programming language, LISP, is still quite helpful for machine learning-intensive applications because of its adaptability, quick prototyping skills, automatic garbage collection, capacity to generate dynamic objects, and support for symbolic expressions.

LISP ranks 2nd in the list of being the oldest programming language after Fortran. It is LISP’s capabilities that have made programming for artificial intelligence easy. It handles symbolic data and performs outstandingly when it comes to symbols and symbolic expressions computation. Symbolic AI is the primary method for addressing problems that need knowledge representation and logical reasoning.

9. C#

This programming language is a perfect example of computational science and numeral analysis combination.  AI model is handle wisely when it is written in C# language. There are numerous of machine learning algorithms are build in C#. C# is considered as one of the best .NET framework and many developers prefers to use libraries to blend machine learning framework in C# . For the same reason companies tend to hire .NET developers to achieve desired goals. C# is very useful as it helps developers to translate user code into machine code.

10. Rust

Everyone wants to write software that is fast, efficient, and safe, and Rust makes that possible. It is a general-purpose programming language that developers like using to build AI. The syntax of Rust and c++ are much similar. However, it also offers memory safety and skips garbage collection. Rust is the backend programming language used by numerous well-known services, including Polkadot, Dropbox, Yelp, Azure, Firefox, Cloudflare, Discord, npm, etc. Because of its memory safety, speed, and ease of expression, it is the perfect language for creating AI and scientific computing.

End Note

Hence, we can conclude that, when it comes to AI, Python is hands down the best programming language. This language is simple to adapt and has a quite impressive developer community. Although a little difficult to learn, Java is also a viable option. Julia, Haskell, Lisp, R, JavaScript, C++, Prolog, and Scala are some further well-known programming languages that would work well for Artificial Intelligence.

There are many benefits to starting using Python when learning to program for AI. You can begin developing right away. On the other hand, if you are already familiar with Java or C++, you can still make absolutely fantastic AI apps in those languages.

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